Screen & Analyze Living Benefit Rider Guarantees in Seconds!

No more hours of work spent requesting and waiting for illustrations, then sifting through mounds of data.
Just type in your criteria online, and the results are calculated instantly.

The Living Benefit Calculator enables you to change criteria and immediately compare different plans.
Try the Live Demo and view the tutorial.

Capture the information in a detailed Comparison
that you can print or save.

The Living Benefit Calculator is powered by a comprehensive and constantly maintained database of the most popular policies for both fixed indexed and variable annuities in all 50 states offered by non-proprietary carriers

Licensed Agents

Be sure you are recommending the right product for your clients. Benefits change frequently, as does the best fit for a particular individual or couple. You can quickly conduct extensive research and protect yourself at the same time by subscribing to the Living Benefit Calculator and saving your reports. See a sample report, view the tutorial, or subscribe now.


Insurance Wholesalers

Use the Living Benefit Calculator to compare your product to the competition, and to help your agents make the most suitable recommendations. See a sample report, view the tutorial, or subscribe now.


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This tool is easily responsible for over $800,000 of additional annuity sales. The ability to illustrate the best carrier for income today or at a future date at just a click of a keystroke is absolutely priceless. I verify Living Benefit's calculations with illustrations from the carrier and the Living Benefit Calculator is always correct. To keep up with the industry changing so frequently, this tool has been fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Jim Frye CLU
The Frye Company
Twinsburg, OH

As an Investment Advisor working predominantly in the retirement income planning area, I present annuities for my clients' needs each week. I naturally try to present the carrier and the plan that best fits my client, but it is very difficult considering the many variables and the constant changes to the VA contracts. The Living Benefit Calculator saves me hours and frustration each month, and I no longer need to "outsource" this work. Additionally I gain the peace of mind and confidence that a "system" like this provides.

Freddy Williamson
Williamson Financial
Trussville, AL